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Trademark applications prosecuted by experienced trademark attorneys are 50% more likely to pass the review process. Give your application the best chance of registering.


If you have received a refusal to register your trademark application or other correspondence that requires a response, we can help. We have rescued countless self-filed applications from abandonment.


If you have discovered infringement of your trademark or are being accused of trademark infringement, we can assist. We will negotiate on your behalf and vigorously defend your rights.

Thousands of Marks Registered

Since 2008 we have helped businesses of all sizes to secure their brands with registered trademarks.

Experience Matters

On behalf of our trademark clients, have negotiated favorable settlements with some of the largest brands in the country, including Starbucks, the Empire State Building, Major League Baseball, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Wharton School of Business.

How We Work

We're an online law firm. Our attorneys work with clients directly on a variety of different websites.

If you're already working with us on a project, please continue to communicate through the website you know us from.

This helps us provide the most organized and effcient service to you.

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